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Here at we have a small team of dedicated and hard working professionals that work tirelessly to give our users the best possible experience.


Callum Lawrence-28, Founder/Creator

Callum first came up with the Mummysupermarket idea in 2012, when he and his partner were expecting their first child. The amount of tedious online browsing to find the best price for baby products was enough to spur him on enough to learn and develop a website,making it easier, faster and cheaper for parents when they are expecting. What started as a hobby has now turned in to a business that compares prices for over 1,000 brands all in one place.


Steven Hart-33, Co-Founder

Steven and Callum have been great friends for almost 15 years, working together on several occasions, so naturally,when Callum had the idea of Mummysupermarket, Steven started throwing ideas into the mix of how we could make this a one-stop-shop for anyone buying products for babies and children.From his point of view, he has 3 sisters that all have children of their own, meaning he has 7 nieces/nephews to buy birthday and Christmas presents for, so having major baby and children’s online stores all under one roof was something that excited Steven from day one.


Helen Warnes- 25,Market Analyst/Blogger

Helen is an extremely important part of the Mummysupermarket team, not only does she provide extensive market analysis for baby and children’s products, but she helps to keep us up to date with the latest products and trends in the ‘Mum’s Market’. Part of the reason for her knowledge in this market is because, you guessed it, she’s a mummy. Head over to our Mummysupermarket Blog, where Helen shares useful information to help you on your journey through motherhood.



Amy Whyler-Pritchard -24,Social Media & Content Manager

Amy not only provides you with incredibly helpful information and tips on our Mummysupermarket Blog, but she also works tirelessly to keep us all connected. As we all know, there is no handbook for being a parent, but we all learn from each other’s experience’s, so sharing those experience’s and being connected as an online community of Mums is something that excites us here at Mummysupermarket, Social media gives us all the opportunity to share those experience’s with thousands of other Mums.

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